Cleaning the floors has never been easier. Go through our selection of vacuum cleaners and choose the ideal model for the best possible cleaning of your home or workspace floors. Do you live in a small apartment? An upright vacuum cleaner would be an ideal option, as it can be easily stored in tight places, while still delivering the same impeccable results as a classic device. Or maybe you could try a bagless vacuum cleaner, if having better control over the disposal of the collected dust is what you are looking for. Do you want shining floors at all times? Then maybe you think about a robot vacuum that can easily do the job for you, even when you are not at home. The portable vacuums also offer a fast solution for quickly eliminating dust or dirt. You can also enjoy a perfect cleaning experience with the vacuum cleaners that use wet cleaning systems with water filtration. Remember to pay attention to the dust holding capacity, Watt and suction power of the vacuum, in order to save money on the electricity bill.