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  • Easy-To-Make Castle
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    Easy-To-Make Castle

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Easy-to-Make Playtime Castles : Other printed item : Dover Publications Inc. : 9780486254692 : 0486254690 : 01 Feb 2000 : Here's a sturdy,...

  • Clinker Castle Orange Level Non-Fiction: Castles, Knights and Dragons Single by Lisa Thompson-1%
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    Clinker Castle Orange Level Non-Fiction: Castles, Knights and Dragons Single by Lisa Thompson

    A series set in the realm of kings and queens, knights and dragons. It contains character-linked fiction and thematically-linked non-fiction books to motivate children in their...

  • Three Castles, the - Grosmont Castle, Skenfrith Castle, White Castle by Jeremy K. Knight-1%
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    Three Castles, the - Grosmont Castle, Skenfrith Castle, White Castle by Jeremy K. Knight

    Three Castles, the - Grosmont Castle, Skenfrith Castle, White Castle: Paperback: Jeremy K. Knight: 9781857602661

  • Getting Over Overeating for Teens by Andrea Wachter-1%
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    Getting Over Overeating for Teens by Andrea Wachter

    Transform your relationship with food, once and for all. Written by a family therapist and eating disorderspecialist, this skills-based workbook will give you the tools you need to...

  • Project X Origins: Brown Book Band, Oxford Level 9: Knights and Castles: Find Me a Castle! by Claire Llewllyn
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    Project X Origins: Brown Book Band, Oxford Level 9: Knights and Castles: Find Me a Castle! by Claire Llewllyn

    In this non-fiction book, Find Me a Castle!, Plug and Socket are on a mission. They have to find Dr X a new top secret lair in a castle! Will they find Dr X the perfect place? Or...

  • Why are Castles Castle-Shaped? by Philip Ardagh-1%
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    Why are Castles Castle-Shaped? by Philip Ardagh

    Philip Ardagh has a passion for history. During his numerous children's events over the years, author Philip Ardagh has been asked just about every question about castles and life...

  • Castle In The Attic
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    Castle In The Attic

    Free Worldwide Delivery : The Castle in the Attic : Paperback : Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc : 9780440409410 : 0440409411 : 01 Nov 2002 : William has just received...

  • Moon over Soho
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    Moon over Soho

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Moon Over Soho : Paperback : Random House USA Inc : 9780345524591 : 0345524594 : 01 Mar 2011 : Rookie cop and magical apprentice Peter Grant from...

  • Midnight Crystal
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    Midnight Crystal

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Midnight Crystal : Paperback : Penguin Putnam Inc : 9780515148367 : 0515148369 : 31 Aug 2010 : From the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Obsidian...

  • Someone to Watch over Me
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    Someone to Watch over Me

    Richard Bausch is a master of the intimate moment, of the ways we seek to make lasting connections to one another and to the world. Gew writers evoke the complexities of love as...

  • Mind over Matter
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    Mind over Matter

    The universe comes down to earth in K. C. Cole's Mind Over Matter, a fresh and witty exploration of physics, cosmology, mathematics, astronomy, and more. Like no other science...

  • Over Here
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    Over Here

    The Great War of 1914-1918 confronted the United States with one of the most wrenching crises in the nation's history. It also left a residue of disruption and disillusion that...

  • Castles, Battles, & Bombs
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    Castles, Battles, & Bombs

    Castles, Battles, and Bombs reconsiders key episodes of military history from the point of view of economics--with dramatically insightful results. For example, when looked at as a...

  • Phenomenology and Deconstruction
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    Phenomenology and Deconstruction

    Philosophy as . . . a rigorous science . . . the dream is over, Edward Husserl once declared. Heidegger (Husserl's successor), Derrida, and Rorty have propounded versions of the...

  • At War in the Shadow of Vietnam
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    At War in the Shadow of Vietnam

    -- William E. Colby, CIA Director (1973-1976)

  • Literature of Lesbianism
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    Literature of Lesbianism

    Since the Renaissance, countless writers have been magnetized by the notion of love between women. From Renaissance love poems to twentieth-century novels, plays, and short...

  • Castles in Ireland
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    Castles in Ireland

    The castles of Ireland, captivating in the variety and ingenuity of their designs, are an essential part of the history of medieval Europe. Unlike the castles in England, however,...

  • Healing Power of Faith
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    Healing Power of Faith

    An infirm, lifetime alcoholic suddenly becomes sober and strong. A patient undergoing open-heart surgery amazes the doctors with a speedy convalescence. A cancer patient given only...

  • North Star over My Shoulder
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    North Star over My Shoulder

    Captain Robert N. Buck retired from TWA after having flown well over two thousand Atlantic crossings and thirty-seven years of service as chief pilot and director of thunderstorm...

  • All over the Map
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    All over the Map

    Even as Americans keep moving "all over the map" in the late twentieth century, they cherish memories of the places they come from. But where do these places -- these regions --...

  • Race over Empire
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    Race over Empire

    Generations of historians have maintained that in the last decade of the nineteenth century white-supremacist racial ideologies such as Anglo-Saxonism, social Darwinism, benevolent...

  • Democracy in Poland
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    Democracy in Poland

    Ever-changing election rules, a highly fluid party system, a constitution considered illegitimate by more than one major political actor, polarized political elites, and a system...

  • Battle for the Castle
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    Battle for the Castle

    Battle for Castle examines the conscious creation and dissemination of Czechoslovakia's reputation as Eastern Europe's "native democracy" by its country's leaders.

  • Orchid
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    Free Worldwide Delivery : Orchid : Paperback : SIMON & SCHUSTER : 9780671569020 : 0671569023 : 01 May 2010 : Psychic romance novelist Orchid Adams meets her match on the space...

  • Zinnia
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    Free Worldwide Delivery : Zinnia : Paperback : SIMON & SCHUSTER : 9780671569013 : 0671569015 : 01 Mar 2010 : Rendered unmarriageable because of her psychic talents, Zinnia Spring,...

  • Amaryllis
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    Free Worldwide Delivery : Amaryllis : Paperback : SIMON & SCHUSTER : 9780671569037 : 0671569031 : 01 Feb 2010 : Recently cut off from her home planet with the rest of her colony,...

  • Naked Heat
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    Naked Heat

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Naked Heat : Paperback : Hyperion : 9780786891368 : 078689136X : 26 May 2011 : Based on the hit ABC series "Castle." When New York's most vicious gossip...

  • For Every Child
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    For Every Child

    Free Worldwide Delivery : For Every Child : Paperback : Random House Children's Publishers UK : 9780099408659 : 0099408651 : 26 Mar 2002 : In November 1989, the United Nations...

  • The Glass Castle
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    The Glass Castle

    'Walls has carved a story with precision and grace out of one of the most chaotic, heart-breaking childhoods... This deeply affecting memoir is a triumph in every possible way, and...

  • Voice-Over for Animation
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    Voice-Over for Animation

    Voice Over for Animation takes animation and voice-over students and professionals alike through the animated voice-over world. The book provides information, exercises, and advice...

  • Apparitional Lesbian
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    Apparitional Lesbian

    -- "New York Times Book Review"

  • Knights and Castles
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    Knights and Castles

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Knights and Castles : Paperback : Random House USA Inc : 9780375802973 : 0375802975 : 01 Oct 2004 : What was it like to wear armor? What was the food like...

  • War Over Kosovo
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    War Over Kosovo

    More than any other episode since the end of the Cold War, the conflict in Kosovo revealed the distinctive attributes of a new American "way of war." In so doing, Kosovo also...

  • Starting Over
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    Starting Over

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Starting Over : Paperback : HarperCollins Publishers : 9780007226511 : 0007226519 : 06 Aug 2009 : This is the story of how we grow old -- how we give up...

  • Castles
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    Free Worldwide Delivery : Castles : Paperback : Random House Children's Publishers UK : 9780099439424 : 0099439425 : 28 May 2007 : Features castles in space, floating castles,...

  • Power Over People
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    Power Over People

    For most of us, life is spent in one vast electromagnetic field. In the office we sit in front of computer terminals, at home, in front of the television. We cook our meals in...

  • Castle of Otranto
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    Castle of Otranto

    Free Worldwide Delivery : The Castle of Otranto : Paperback : Penguin Books Ltd : 9780140437676 : 0140437673 : 01 Feb 2002 : With this title, Walpole established the Gothic as a...

  • Isabella the Butterfly Sister
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    Isabella the Butterfly Sister

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Isabella the Butterfly Sister : Paperback : Simon & Schuster Ltd : 9780857072498 : 0857072498 : 01 May 2014 : An exciting new series for 7+ girls...

  • Amelia the Silver Sister
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    Amelia the Silver Sister

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Amelia the Silver Sister : Paperback : Simon & Schuster Ltd : 9780857072504 : 0857072501 : 01 May 2014 : An exciting new series for 7+ girls following a...

  • Outside over There
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    Outside over There

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Outside, over There : Paperback : HarperCollins Publishers Inc : 9780064431859 : 0064431851 : 26 May 2007 : Maurice Sendak, the master conjurer of images...