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  • New Latin American Cinema
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    New Latin American Cinema

  • East European Cinema
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    East European Cinema

  • New Latin American Cinema: Studies of National Cinemas Vol two by Michael T. Martin
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    New Latin American Cinema: Studies of National Cinemas Vol two by Michael T. Martin

    This volume (second of two), maps the historical and cultural contexts of film practices in Latin America. It explores the formation of the New Latin American cinema movement as a...

  • Cinema Entertainment: Essays on Audiences, Films and Film Makers by Gianluca Sergi-2%
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    Cinema Entertainment: Essays on Audiences, Films and Film Makers by Gianluca Sergi

    The authors consider what makes a film successful by looking at box office figures as well as detailed description and critique of current debates surrounding what it means to...

  • Entertainment Law
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    Entertainment Law

    Introducing a historical perspective in the music, radio, television, and motion picture industries, this book contains interrelated chapters that clearly and concisely expose...

  • Global Art Cinema
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    Global Art Cinema

    Art cinema has for over fifty years defined how audiences and critics imagine film outside Hollywood, but surprisingly little scholarly attention has been paid to the concept since...

  • Oxford History of World Cinema
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    Oxford History of World Cinema

    Free Worldwide Delivery : The Oxford History of World Cinema : Paperback : Oxford University Press : 9780198742425 : 0198742428 : 11 Feb 1999 : Features a history of World Cinema....

  • Voice in Cinema
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    Voice in Cinema

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Voice in Cinema : Paperback : Columbia University Press : 9780231108232 : 0231108230 : 01 Mar 1999 : Chion analyzes imaginative uses of the human voice by...

  • New Hollywood Cinema
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    New Hollywood Cinema

    What is "New Hollywood"? The "art" cinema of the Hollywood "Renaissance" or the corporate controlled blockbuster? The introverted world of Travis Bickle or the action heroics of...

  • Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema
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    Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema

    ..". a fresh, compelling, essential work of film theory. Recommended for all libraries." --Choice "Jean Mitry is the Aristotle of film." --R.D. MacCann "This text marks a watershed...

  • Sounds of Early Cinema
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    Sounds of Early Cinema

    Deals with a crucial phenomenon: the ubiquitous presence of sound in early cinema. This title argues that in order to understand cinema's emergence, especially as a cultural...

  • American Independent Cinema
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    American Independent Cinema

    Geoff King's important book stands with the best scholarship I have seen on this vital, constantly evolving subject. -- David Sterritt, author of The Films of Alfred HitchcockThe...

  • Postcolonial African Cinema
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    Postcolonial African Cinema

    Kenneth W. Harrow offers a new critical approach to African cinema -- one that requires that we revisit the beginnings of African filmmaking and the critical responses to which...

  • Youth Culture in Global Cinema
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    Youth Culture in Global Cinema

    Coming of age is a pivotal experience for everyone. So it is no surprise that filmmakers around the globe explore the experiences of growing up in their work. From blockbuster U.S....

  • American Gangster Cinema
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    American Gangster Cinema

    Much analysis of gangster movies has been based upon a study of the gangster as a malign figuration of the American Dream, originally set in the era of the Depression. This text...

  • Cinema and Spectatorship
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    Cinema and Spectatorship

    Cinema and Spectatorship is the first book to focus on the history and role of the spectator in contemporary film studies. Judith Mayne examines how spectatorship emerged in the...

  • Cinema and the Great War
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    Cinema and the Great War

    An exploration of the development of anti-war cinema in Britain, America, Germany and France from the ground-breaking Lay Down Your Arms in 1914 through to Stanley Kubrick's Paths...

  • Cinema and Nation
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    Cinema and Nation

    Ideas of national identity, nationalism and transnationalism are now a central feature of contemporary film studies, as well as primary concerns for film-makers themselves....

  • South African National Cinema
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    South African National Cinema

    South African National Cinema examines how cinema in South Africa represents national identities, particularly with regard to race. This significant and unique contribution...

  • Action and Adventure Cinema
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    Action and Adventure Cinema

    Addressing areas such as genre, film history and style, action and spectacle, stars and bodies, action auteurs and the film industry, the reader covers both Hollywood and also...

  • European Cinema Reader
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    European Cinema Reader

    Free Worldwide Delivery : The European Cinema Reader : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415240925 : 0415240921 : 13 Sep 2002 : This comprehensive introduction to national...

  • Experimental Cinema, the Film Reader
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    Experimental Cinema, the Film Reader

    Brings together key writings on American avant-garde cinema to explore the long tradition of underground filmmaking from its origins in the 1920s to the work of contemporary film...

  • Japanese Cinema
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    Japanese Cinema

    Japanese Cinema includes twenty-four chapters on key films of Japanese cinema, from the silent era to the present day, providing a comprehensive introduction to Japanese cinema...

  • Tamil Cinema
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    Tamil Cinema

    Examines Tamil cinema, which has overtaken Bollywood in terms of annual output, outlining its history and distinctive characteristics, and proceeds to consider a number of...

  • German National Cinema
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    German National Cinema

    German National Cinema is the first comprehensive history of German film from its origins to the present. In this new edition, Sabine Hake discusses film-making in economic,...

  • German National Cinema
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    German National Cinema

    Examines a range of films in relation to the social, political, economic and technological events surrounding them. This book assesses the work of directors and stars alike,...

  • Japanese Cinema and Otherness
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    Japanese Cinema and Otherness

    Examines the representation of so-called Others - foreigners, ethnic minorities, and Okinawans - in Japanese cinema; investigating how these representations are related to the...

  • Black American Cinema
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    Black American Cinema

    Black American Cinema demonstrates the wealth of Black contribution to American film and the complex course that contribution has taken.

  • Post-War Italian Cinema
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    Post-War Italian Cinema

    Through a comparative approach of current theories developed on ideology and an analysis of official documents from the Vatican and the United States Department of State, the book...

  • Deleuze on Cinema
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    Deleuze on Cinema

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Deleuze on Cinema : Paperback : Taylor & Francis Ltd : 9780415966047 : 0415966043 : 01 May 2003 : A comprehensive user's guide to Gilles Deleuze's...

  • Contemporary World Cinema
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    Contemporary World Cinema

    This book provides an overview of the cinemas of Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia, interpreting some of the recent developments as strategic responses to...

  • Cinema of Outsiders
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    Cinema of Outsiders

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Cinema of Outsiders : Paperback : New York University Press : 9780814751244 : 0814751245 : 01 Mar 2001 : This text provides a chronicle of contemporary...

  • Remasculinization of Korean Cinema
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    Remasculinization of Korean Cinema

    In one of the first English-language studies of Korean cinema to date, Kyung Hyun Kim shows how the New Korean Cinema of the past quarter century has used the trope of masculinity...

  • British Cinema of the 90s
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    British Cinema of the 90s

    This work examines major box office hits like "The Full Monty" as well as critically acclaimed films like "Under the Skin". It explores the role of distribution and exhibition, the...

  • Cinema of Interruptions
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    Cinema of Interruptions

    With its sudden explosions into song-and-dance sequences, heavy traces of censorship and half-time intermissions, Indian cinema can be identified as a "Cinema of Interruptions". A...

  • Beginnings of the Cinema in England 1894-1901
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    Beginnings of the Cinema in England 1894-1901

    Describing in detail one of the most inventive periods in the history of English cinema, the volumes in this celebrated series are already established as classics in their field...

  • Classical Hollywood Cinema
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    Classical Hollywood Cinema

    How films are conceived, planned, and produced leaves a mark upon the films, directly and structurally. The relations between film style and mode of production are, according to...

  • Cinema: The Whole Story
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    Cinema: The Whole Story

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Cinema : Paperback : Thames & Hudson Ltd : 9780500289471 : 0500289476 : 19 Sep 2011 : Looks at the key time periods, genres and key works in world cinema....

  • American Cinema
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    American Cinema

    Free Worldwide Delivery : The American Cinema : Paperback : The Perseus Books Group : 9780306807282 : 0306807289 : 21 Aug 1996 : This is a history of American film in the form of a...

  • Engaging Cinema
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    Engaging Cinema

    Free Worldwide Delivery : Engaging Cinema : Paperback : WW Norton & Co : 9780393934915 : 0393934918 : 19 Mar 2010 : In what ways do films influence and interact with society? What...